My Top 3 Stores To Shop Bathing Suits

Happy MDW Everyone! The unofficial start of summer has officially arrived and it looks like we have a beautiful weekend of weather ahead of us. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been doing a lot of online shopping in quarantine, especially for cute summer finds. We are all guilty of buying the outfits and bikinis in hopes that we will be able to leave the house in them soon! Today I want to outline for you some of my favorite spots to shop bikinis, in all different price ranges.


One of my favorite sites to shop on but with caution. Zaful is great for their bargain prices and deals but it’s hard not to be skeptical of just how cheap they are selling items for. Zaful has bathing suits starting at as low as $5.99. I have purchased some of my favorite bathing suits and cover-ups from Zaful! My best piece of advice is to read the reviews on an item before purchasing. Swimsuits are sold as a set therefore you can not choose different sizes for tops and bottoms. Some times their smalls fit me like a large and sometimes they fit me like a child’s medium. Reading the reviews is your best bet to help you decide which size would work best for you. Aside from that, for the price of the items, the quality of material is great.


Who doesn’t love a target bathing suit. I know there are people out there just like me that are eyeing down that bikini section the second it’s released in February. The good thing about target bikinis is that pieces are sold separately so you are able to buy different sized tops and bottoms. Another great thing about target are their prices are affordable and most days you will find they are having a great sale. This weekend specifically, their bathing suits are Buy One Get One FREE. Yes, you read that correctly, free. Sale ends Saturday so make sure to get in on that deal while you can!

Frankies Bikinis:

Last but certainly not least is my absolute favorite, Frankies Bikinis. Frankies is definitely on the more expensive side. I know what you’re thinking, “Nicolette, what are you doing spending this kind of money on a bathing suit.” What it comes down to for me is quality; I would rather splurge on something I know is well made and a great fit than something that is cheaper and might be stretched and worn by the end of the season. Frankies has the cutest patterns to choose from and all the styles you could possibly ask for. Frankies are created with every body type in mind; all patterns come in multiple styles. The fit of these swimsuits are incredible and they last me year after year. Frankies is the perfect balance between tasteful and sexy; putting on these suits has me feeling confident in my own skin. Receive 10% off your first order when you sign up through me here!

I hope you found my reviews helpful, as always feel free to comment below with any questions you have! I hope you all take the time this weekend to relax and unwind with the ones you love. Happy MDW Loves!

Frankies Bikinis Spring Designer Swimwear

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